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Abstract Clouds


The problem of representation verses duplication does not exist in Cregeen’s sculpture. His work is not about ‘realism’. You will notice no attempt to persuade you that a piece is anything but itself; there is no mimicry or pretence at copying, no attempt at deception - 'all available skill is employed not to deceive but only to mould unique terms in the continuity of space’."


(Daniel Gillan- Introduction to ‘Humanism and Contemporary British Sculpture’. GLC sponsored Exhibition Royal Festival Hall. London 1985.)


 As a master of the plastic mode of sculpture Cregeen is involved with the vital qualities and meaning of his subject and executed with an instinctive sense of form whether in his figural sculpture or his portraiture; dead matter coming to life in the artist’s hands.

His intellectual grasp of psychology and deep sense of humanity come together in his figural sculpture and portrait heads they manifest an inner life and tension, what the Chinese call ‘chi', or ‘life’s breath’ in a work of art, and what the Indians refer to as ‘prana’ or inner ‘breath'".


​(Lois Katz, Curator of the Arthur M Sackler Collection. New York-  'DAVID CREGEEN A Retrospective Exhibition. 1981-1988.)

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