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Heads of State & Royal Heads

Cregeen’s portrait head of the late Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother 1990 was commissioned by The Honourable Society of Middle Temple to commemorate her 90th birthday. There were nine sittings. The sculpture shows his sitter’s personality most particularly in the eyes where he has captured something of that mercurial mystique.....


In 1995 he sculpted the then Prince of Wales (Charles III) for The Queen Mother. Sittings took place at her Scottish home, Birkhall. This boldly modelled head shows the character of a man both strong and sensitive." ( Lois Katz. 1999).











Later, 2006, the sculptor completed a bust of the then Duchess of Cornwall (Queen Camilla) When viewed in profile the portrait head has an air of the Renaissance Cregeen’s time in Florence is to be found in his approach to this portrait and bears something of that remarkable period of the Italian Renaissance.


Both King Michael and Queen Anne of Romania have been portrayed by him. The head of King Michael was presented to the Student's League at the University of Bucharest, unveiled there by his consort Queen Anne in 1993." Lois Katz 2018.

In 2006 Cregeen travelled to Nigeria to sculpt a portrait of the country's president, President Obusanju. The portrait was then presented to the President at a Gala dinner hosted by The Business Council for International Understanding (BCIU)  established by President Eisenhower at the end off the 2nd World War......


In 2009 the BCIU commissioned Cregeen to design two sculptures to be given as awards . For the second Cregeen created a small head of President Eisenhower. The first recipient for this was The Rt Honorable John Whithead, Head of the Mellon Foundation.  The posthumous portrait of the war-time leader has succeeded in revealing those many qualities required of him in that capacity: a strength mingled with humanity, a powerful head from every angle. Cregeen illuminates greatness''.


From DAVID CREGEEN- HIS WORK. Lois Katz 2018

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